We’re Hiring…Join a Growing Team!

National Insurance Brokerage, LLC has experienced terrific growth in the last two years, averaging more than 35% per year, and we’re proud to announce a nationwide expansion with the launch of our “NIB Network” platform. The NIB Network allows us to provide technological, marketing, underwriting and licensing support to our Regional Brokerage Managers in the field, equipping them to enroll new insurance agents and other financial advisors, and to help NIB continue to achieve a double digit growth rate.

Regional Brokerage Manager
For the experienced Wholesaler / Brokerage Manager, this is a opportunity to truly carve out a niche for yourself in the life insurance brokerage industry. We’re looking to partner with Regional Brokerage Managers who have the desire and skill to start up and grow regional satellite offices across the country. You will be attracting new independent agents, agencies, estate planners, financial advisors, CPAs, trust officers, and attorneys to use our brokerage services, and cultivating deeper relationships with our existing clients.

The Regional Brokerage Managers we partner with will comprise the backbone of the NIB Network and must have a minimum of five years’ life brokerage experience. Our electronic platform will provide the technology to link your satellite office to our home office where we will generate leads, and provide marketing ideas and concepts as well as solid back office support services to give our Regional Brokerage Managers the tools and resources they need to succeed.
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