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“While we are a collaborative business, independent ideas and advice are our backbone. We have built a true open insurance platform that allows our network freedom in carrier choice, as well as access to all major products and resources.”

Our Strategy

NIB has assembled a top team of experts to provide unparalleled advanced support to you and your client’s families. With our 15 years in the industry, we make sure that we have the right team to help ensure clients are well-served.

The power behind the greatest success strategies is matching with someone who understands you and your unique situation and might identify and access the correct products and solutions. Our insurance platform is meant to support our network as they work with clients to fulfill their planning needs.

Our Network

At NIB our multidisciplinary network of financial professionals offers unique capabilities for addressing the prioritized needs of affluent clients worldwide, wherever their interest may lie.

Life is always changing, yet perhaps it is even more obvious to successful, entrepreneurial families and individuals. Businesses are purchased and sold, enterprises are expanded and revised, and families evolve and grow in size.

All of these topics have financial uncertainty. At NIB, our job, as your trusted financial partner, is to identify these events and respond proactively whenever possible – addressing unforeseen challenges and complexities in a decisive and urgent manner.

Instant Approval, Guaranteed

Losing a loved one can create a financial strain. NIB protects your family from financial burdens so they can focus on healing. Don’t leave them with the bill, get started today.

Avoid an expensive mistake. Partner with an experienced resource.

Founded on the principle of attention to detail, NIB partners with financial professionals and fiduciaries to ensure their clients have accurate information to make important financial decisions.

      • We always represent the best interest of the policy owner, not the policy buyer.
      • Our proprietary auction platform creates competition to ensure the highest offer for your client.

Our goal is to provide the most trusted, and transparent policy valuation solutions available, so you get what you deserve – to be treated with quality and have complete trust in the work we do.

We’re licensed with a fiduciary duty to represent you, the agent. We do not sell life insurance, manage assets, nor purchase life insurance policies. There are no conflicts of interest with our business partners. Our only interest is you and your clients.

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No medical appointments are necessary.

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Your acceptance is guaranteed.

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With NIB, there are no pesky agent visits.

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